Botanist's Glossary

Pine - Abies sibirica

  • Description
    • This tall fir tree with resin blisters (Pinaceae family) grows to a height of 35 to 40 meters. It is native to a vast region of Siberia, from the Ural mountains to the Amur river and North East China, up to the Sino-Russian border. It is able to resist the "Siberian cold", but avoids very low temperatures and does not grow in permafrost.
  • Traditions
    • The essential oil obtained by steam distilling the branches of the Siberian fir has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties (particularly on the muscles). It relieves congestion in the respiratory system.
  • Properties
    • Siberian fir essential oil has a sweet, fresh aroma, reminiscent of pine-scented candy and Christmas trees. It is a very pleasant scent to diffuse into the air and combines perfectly with citrus scents. It is also used in perfume burners for its woody, balsamic odor.