Botanist's Glossary

Almond Tree - Prunus dulcis

  • Description
    • The almond tree (Rosaceae family) is a tree with bright white or pink blossoms that herald the arrival of spring. The almond fruit has a velvety hull over a hard woody shell, inside which there is usually a single seed: the almond. Almond trees have been cultivated since time immemorial in the Orient and are widespread in the Mediterranean basin. French almond production today (in the South of France) faces much competition from Californian almonds.
  • Traditions
    • The almond tree is a symbol of hope. Almond oil, with excellent softening properties, is one of the oldest beauty treatments in the world. Almonds are also used in many dishes and drinks, including orgeat syrup and the famous Calissons d'Aix (sweetmeats that are a specialty from Aix-en-Provence). Calissons are one of the thirteen Christmas desserts in a traditional Provencal Christmas dinner.
  • Properties
    • The almond is a very rich source of raw materials for L'OCCITANE. Almond oil is extracted by means of pressure for its emollient properties, which limit water loss from the skin. Almond butter and milk also form part of the composition of nourishing products. The crushed shells serve as a natural exfoliant, while almond glycoproteins have firming and smoothing properties.

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