Botanist's Glossary

Oak - Quercus pedunculata

  • Description
    • The oak (Fagaceae family) is a tall tree with deciduous leaves that grows to a height of 40 meters. Its fruit, the acorn, is held by a long stalk - the peduncle. The oak tree prefers cool, deep soil and grows in much of Europe. It can live for an exceedingly long time; some oak trees are thousands of years old.
  • Traditions
    • The wood of the oak tree is more solid, strong and durable than that of all other European trees. In the past, its bark, leaves and acorns were used in medicine as astringents. A decoction made with ground oak bark was used in baths to invigorate the body.
  • Properties
    • We use oak root extract to make soothing and protective products. This extract has antioxidant properties and acts on the mechanisms responsible for inflammation.