Botanist's Glossary

Red Raspberry - Rubus idaeus

  • Description
    • The raspberry (Rosaceae family) is a perennial plant related to the blackberry, with slightly prickly stems (called "canes"). Raspberry canes die back in their second year, after producing their fruit, while the canes that will fruit in the following year are already producing leaves. Known by the ancients and cultivated in the Middle Ages for its fruits, in temperate Eurasia the wild Rubus is a rustic species with many delicious varieties.
  • Traditions
    • The raspberry is also a medicinal plant. In the past, raspberries were used as "refreshers" to reduce fever. Today, young raspberry shoots are macerated in glycerol and prescribed in phytotherapy to regulate and stimulate ovarian function.
  • Properties
    • Raspberry extract has softening, astringent and refreshing properties.