Botanist's Glossary

Creeping saxifrage, Strawberry Begonia - Saxifraga stolonifera

  • Description
    • Creeping saxifrage (Saxifragaceae family) is a small herbaceous perennial with hairy stems and rounded toothed leaves that grow in a rosette. Native to China, it is cultivated as a "drooping" ornamental house plant for its marbled leaves, which are red on the underside, and its pretty small white star-shaped flowers.
  • Traditions
    • In traditional Chinese medicine, creeping saxifrage is a remedy for cholera. It is also used externally as an astringent, and particularly to treat hemorrhoids.
  • Properties
    • L’OCCITANE uses extracts of the entire plant as active ingredients. Rich in tannins, they effectively trap free radicals. They are used for their lightening properties in products that aim to diminish blemishes and even out the complexion.