Botanist's Glossary

Verbena - Verbena officinalis

  • Description
    • Common verbena (Verbenaceae family) is a herbaceous perennial with opposite stems and leaves, and tiny purplish-blue flowers. This small wild herb is a discreet plant, yet one that is very common and resistant in wasteland. It is often seen as a garden weed.
  • Traditions
    • For the ancients, verbena belonged to the verbenae - plants that were used in rituals. In the Middle Ages, it confirmed its reputation as a panacea, a magical herb with many powers. It was believed that it could be used to predict the future, protect against snakes, and awaken love. In modern popular medicine, verbena is mainly used externally, to treat bruises.
  • Properties
    • Verbena extract is used for its softening properties. With its toning action, it produces an invigorating sensation.