Botanist's Glossary

Colza, Rapeseed - Brassica napus

  • Description
    • Rapeseed (Brassicaceae family), which is related to the turnip, is an annual plant that grows to a height of 1 meter. It produces many yellow flowers, which cover vast stretches of land and brighten the landscape in springtime. It is cultivated for the oil held in its seeds and, along with sunflowers and olive trees, is one of the main sources of edible vegetable oil in Europe.
  • Traditions
    • Rapeseed is a complex hybrid of Brassica species - a family that includes cabbage and turnip. It has been cultivated for at least four thousand years. Its oil, rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, is a very important oil for human consumption. Once the oil has been extracted, the protein-rich residue (rapeseed oil cake) is used for animal feed.
  • Properties
    • Rapeseed oil is of great benefit in nourishing the skin. Its richness in Omega-3 gives it soothing properties. We also use the sterol fraction for its emulsifying properties, which help to stabilize creams.