Botanist's Glossary

Cedar, Blue Atlas Cedar - Cedrus atlantica

  • Description
    • The Atlas cedar is a very tall tree native to the mountainous regions of Algeria and Morocco. It has acclimatized well to areas of Southern France with medium altitudes, where it forms dynamic stretches of trees in the Ventoux, the Luberon and the Eastern Pyrenees. It is an evergreen species with short, soft, blue-green needles. The cedar has quite a majestic appearance and was often planted in the grounds of stately homes in the 19th century.
  • Traditions
    • Atlas cedar, a symbol of immortality for the Hebrews, was used to build the Temple of Solomon. In ancient Egypt, clear and fluid cedar resin was used in cosmetics and perfumes. It was also an ingredient in embalming preparations. It was believed to have purifying and protective powers. Burned as incense, it was included in purification rituals and thought to banish bad dreams.
  • Properties
    • Atlas cedar essential oil energizes the body and stimulates its natural defenses, thanks to its antiseptic and circulation-boosting action. It is used in our Cedar Eau de Parfum for its strong, woody scent.