Botanist's Glossary

Celosia, Cockscomb - Celosia Cristata

  • Description
    • Celosia (Amaranthaceae family) is an annual plant that grows to a height of 60 cm to 1 meter and is native to tropical Asia. It has produced a number of horticultural species, which are distinguished by their brightly colored inflorescences. Celosia cristata, commonly known as cockscomb, owes its name to the original shape of its floral heads, with intricate convolutions in shades from yellow to red.
  • Traditions
    • Celosia is grown in tropical regions of the Old and New Worlds. The leaves are eaten in the same way as spinach. It makes a superb ornamental plant and exists in many varieties.
  • Properties
    • Celosia cristata extract is combined with Selfheal extract for their complementary slimming actions. They promote the breakdown of fat and slow down the formation of fat cells, responsible for the orange-peel effect.