Botanist's Glossary

Palmarosa - Cymbopogon martini

  • Description
    • Palmarosa (Poaceae family) is a clumping grass with aromatic leaves and inflorescences composed of a few pointed spikelets. It prefers rich, cool soils. Native to India, it is now cultivated in many tropical countries. Palmarosa is often called Indian geranium and has a pleasant floral fragrance dominated by a scent of rose.
  • Traditions
    • Palmarosa essential oil is imported from India and used to arrive in Constantinople, to water down the rose essence, which was too expensive in its pure form. In perfumery, palmarosa is still used as a substitute for rose. Its essential oil has many medicinal properties and has a wide-ranging antimicrobial activity.
  • Properties
    • The essential oil is extracted by steam distillation. It has relaxing and stabilizing properties. In combination with other active ingredients and other essential oils, it acts on lipolysis, in the Almond range, to slim and firm the body.