Botanist's Glossary

Gentian - Gentiana lutea

  • Description
    • Gentian (Gentianaceae family) is a robust perennial mountain plant. It has large ovate opposite leaves and clusters of yellow flowers. A plant can live for 50 years, while it only produces its first blooms after 10 years. Roots, which are always picked in the wild, should not be removed until the plant has flowered several times. Gentian production areas are carefully monitored to limit the decline of this species, which is as beautiful as it is useful.
  • Traditions
    • This plant is the "most perfect of the pure bitters". The large gentian has been used as a cure-all. It was used against fever, general weakness, lack of appetite but also to live longer and stay youthful.
  • Properties
    • The yellow gentian is used for its softening and purifying properties. Its root is rich in bitter substances, which give it invigorating and astringent properties. It helps to preserve the skin's strength and youthfulness.