Botanist's Glossary

Cotton - Gossypium

  • Description
    • Cotton (Malvaceae family), which can be an annual or perennial plant, or even a shrub, is native to many tropical regions of the New and Old World. The cultivated species are usually hybrids. The Indus Civilization (Pakistan) was already weaving cotton 2,400 years before Jesus Christ. The peoples of Central America were doing the same, using local species.
  • Traditions
    • In the 5th century BC, the Greek historian, Herodotus, said that in India there were trees that produced a wool even more beautiful than that of sheep. Cotton oil seed also has nutritional benefits and is used in food supplements for its high protein content. Its oil has softening properties.
  • Properties
    • We chose to use an organic cotton extract, guaranteed free of pesticides, chemical fertilizers and preservatives. This extract is used in products for sensitive skin and helps restore softness and suppleness.