Botanist's Glossary

Immortelle - Helichrysum italicum

  • Description
    • Italian Everlasting (Asteraceae family) is a perennial plant that grows to 20 to 50 cm. Very aromatic (it is one of the scents of the Corsican maquis), it grows in the warmest regions of the Mediterranean. It has fine, grayish, silky leaves and yellow flowers in small ovoid capitula. The flowers retain their golden-yellow color even when dried - hence the popular name of Immortelle or Everlasting.
  • Traditions
    • For a long time, immortelle was absent from our pharmacopoeia. However, in ancient times and during the Middle Ages, it had many medicinal applications, including "liver remedy", diuretic, vermifuge, antispasmodic, analgesic, etc. It was known for its capacity to reduce bruising and is now used in aromatherapy for this property.
  • Properties
    • The essential oil, obtained by steam distillation of the flowering heads, naturally combats skin aging. It has an anti-free radical action, which protects cellular membranes against aging. It stimulates collagen production, thus improving skin firmness. Lastly, it improves skin microcirculation, boosting cell renewal. The floral water, which is also a produce of distillation, is used in cleansing products as it is more gentle and refreshing.

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