Botanist's Glossary

Jasmine - Jasminum officinale var. grandiflorum

  • Description
    • Jasmine is a vine with numerous thin, greenish stems. Its highly fragrant white flowers form loose bouquets. It grows from Iran to south-west China. The grandiflorum variety is native to Arabia. Its flowers are one and a half times as big as those of other varieties and it is cultivated for the perfume industry.
  • Traditions
    • Jasmine was spread by the Arabs and is celebrated in Medieval poetry. Indeed, in Medieval times, it was used as a remedy for "weaknesses of the heart and fainting".
  • Properties
    • Jasmine flowers have softening and relaxing properties. Their aromatic extracts (particularly the absolute) are greatly valued in perfumery for their soft and delicate scent, and also because they are able to mask undesirable aromas.