Botanist's Glossary

Apple Tree - Malus domestica

  • Description
    • The cultivated apple tree (Rosaceae family) is the result of crossing European species with other species from the mountainous regions of Central and Western Asia - crossing that took place a very long time ago. 1st-century Romans were already growing 30 varieties. Today, there are thousands of apple varieties, including the very popular "Golden Delicious". Originally from North America, this variety is also grown in Haute-Provence. It is golden yellow when mature and has a firm, juicy flesh with a sweet yet also slightly acidic flavor.
  • Traditions
    • While the apple may have an ambiguous role in mythology, it tends to be associated with the idea of immortality. In popular medicine, poultices were made with cooked apple pulp to soothe cuts and grazes and help heal wounds and burns. The Italians of the Renaissance would use it to make a beauty mask that softened and firmed the skin, called a pomata - which has led to the word "pomade".
  • Properties
    • We use several organic Provence apple extracts. The aqueous extract, rich in polyphenols and AHA fruit acids, refines the skin's texture and protects skin cells against free radicals. Apple vinegar is an effective astringent and tightens pores.