Botanist's Glossary

Field Mint - Mentha arvensis

  • Description
    • Field mint (Lamiaceae family) is a herbaceous perennial that grows in France (except in the south) in cool soils, ditches and along the borders of fields. Its ovate, toothed leaves, in opposite pairs, have a strong menthol scent when rubbed. The flowers are crowded in clusters where the leaves meet the stem.
  • Traditions
    • Round-leaved mint can be used in cooking, but tends to be used in drinks. Mint has antispasmodic and stimulating properties; it aids digestion. Mint tea is a popular digestive drink. A refreshing cordial is also made with mint.
  • Properties
    • Field mint essential oil is obtained by steam distillation of its leaves and has toning properties. It is used in perfumery for its fresh, mentholated smell.