Botanist's Glossary

Rice - Oryza sativa

  • Description
    • Rice (Poaceae family) is an annual herb that was initially gathered in the wild. It has become a grain associated with many civilizations and can be found in much of the world today. Rice species have also been domesticated in ancient Africa. There is deep-water rice, rice that grows in flooded ground, and rice that grows in uplands.
  • Traditions
    • Rice has arisen from crossings of several species from the Sino-Indian region. It was cultivated in China, where it was a substitute for millet. Rice is the world's most important grain for human consumption. In addition to its nutritional value, rice also has medicinal uses. A poultice is made from rice flour to soothe inflammation, while "rice water" is well-known as a drink to stop diarrhea.
  • Properties
    • L'OCCITANE uses the peptides contained in the rice grains. Directly absorbed by the skin, they energize cell metabolism and strengthen the skin’s defenses.