Botanist's Glossary

Selfheal - Prunella vulgaris

  • Description
    • Common selfheal (Lamiaceae family) is a perennial plant, with dense terminal spikes of purple flowers, which can measure from 5 to 30 cm. It is widespread throughout France and grows in dry meadows, light woodlands and alongside roads and paths.
  • Traditions
    • Selfheal is rich in tannin. In the past, it was used in brewed teas to treat dysentery, in compresses on wounds, and as a gargle to relieve sore throats. It is said to have an antidiabetic action.
  • Properties
    • Rich in polyphenols, Selfheal, when combined with Celosia, promotes lipolysis. It thus helps stimulate the burning of fat in adipose cells, to accelerate fat breakdown. It also helps slow down the multiplication and growth of fat cells, for a longer-term effect.