Fleur Chérie

In Provence, since the Middle Ages, orange blossoms have been woven into royal crowns and worn by brides on their wedding day. Orange blossom yields a precious essence with a subtle and delicate scent: neroli. L’OCCITANE celebrates these small, dainty flowers, so cherished in the Mediterranean, through its fragrance collection: Fleur Chérie.

The Cherished Flower of the Mediterranean

Orange blossom is an emblem of the Mediterranean region and truly cherished by perfumers, in the same way as rose and jasmine. An important perfume ingredient, it grows in Grasse and is a legendary flower that has inspired traditional beauty rituals throughout the Mediterranean, which still exist today.

Fleur Chérie introduces a new interpretation of orange blossom in our fragrance and bodycare that emphasizes the magical, delicate and soft facets of this ingredient. It is an exquisite, airy, luminous scent with a woody trail.

This flower of femininity is the CHERISHED FLOWER – the FLEUR CHERIE – of the Mediterranean people.