Almond, the Bride of Provence

It’s hard to miss the almond tree, with it’s precocious – almost rash – blossoming in February and March, which heralds the spring at last… The tree is covered with a white robe and prepares to deliver a thousand benefits to our skin !
By Marine Normand

There’s nothing quite like the scent of the almond to please our senses, from products in the bathroom to hints of the smell of freshly ground coffee. We love to be reminded of the sweet almond snacks that we enjoyed on rainy days with a good cup of tea. The almond is a critical element of a dreamy sweet and gourmet universe. Long used in our kitchens, it now invites itself into many of our beauty product – but what are the properties of this miracle nut, which packs a nutritious punch as much as it smoothes the skin? It should definitely be consumed in moderation when it is delicately cooked in a delicious calisson, even if it’s recognized that eaten alone, the protein, fiber and nutrient rich almond gives a sensation of satiety with a minimum of calories. Its natural taste is priceless !

Its cycle covers spring and summer: during February and March its blossoms cover the countryside with a beautiful, pure white tone. In June, the blossoms yield fresh almonds, which are harvested primarily for confections and desserts. Dried almonds, with their bitter flavor, are collected in October and have surprising properties: did you know that their paste is an excellent preservative ?

In beauty, its properties are many: if the nut is cold pressed, the almond transforms into a nourishing oil, great for use in the shower as a gel. If it is extracted, the resulting milk is your best ally for softening the skin. Additionally, crushed almond shells gently exfoliate, putting an end to dead skin. Finally, with a hydrolysis process, L’OCCITANE obtains a firming almond extract that guarantees an incomparable slimming result.

L’OCCITANE also employs the flower bud as the company recently discovered it contains a quantity of draining flavanoids: so give in to their Almond Firming & Smoothing Milk Concentrate and to the whole range of limited-edition slimming products available in mid- March online and in stores… Get started on your transformation in order to make your beach buddies jealous this summer ! But do you have to choose between snacking on Almonds and using them in body care ? No ! We advise both !

Almond, the Bride of Provence
The almond tree blossom in Provence
Photography L'Occitane

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