Brazil Pays a Visit to L'Occitane!

L'Occitane launches “L'Occitane au Brésil,” a new collection designed in Brazil, using local ingredients and whose packaging was created by Brazilian artists, for a guaranteed change of scenery!
By Justine Fiordelli

Already on sale in Brazil, the L'Occitane au Brésil range hits Europe and the rest of the world with two new and promising collections made from emblematic ingredients derived from Brazilian biodiversity: the Jenipapo, a fruit tree from Cerrado that seeks the sun and absorbs its energy, and the Vitoria-Regia, an Amazonian water-lily known for sleeping in the early morning and blooming at night.

Jenipapo: A fun sun care and perfume line

The Jenipapo line enhances your skin with the energy of the Brazilian sun! Composed of sun care products for the face and body 100% made in Brazil, it protects you from the sun while leaving a pleasant smell of vacation.

Vitoria-Regia: a line consisting of two new fragrances

The Vitoria Regia range, meanwhile, offers two totally different but equally intoxicating aquatic floral fragrances: a fresh version for the day with gardenia, vitória amazonica and lily of the valley heart notes, then another richer more lingering scent recommended for the evening.

One thing is certain, “L'Occitane au Brésil” evokes summertime and getting away. In addition to providing new products made in Brazil from local ingredients, the brand goes even further and hands the shape and design of each bottle over to local artists for a totally Brazilian experience!

Brazil Pays a Visit to L'Occitane!
Brazil Pays a Visit to L'Occitane!

New collection designed in Brazil and using local ingredients :

- Perfumed Oil Roll-On "Jenipapo"
- Lip Balm "Jenipapo"
- Face veil "Jenipapo"
- Perfume Day "Vitória-Régia"

DR, L'Occitane en Provence

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