Design and Ceramics in Dieulefit

The designer Guillaume Bardet came up with a crazy project: to design an object every day from September 21, 2009 to September 20, 2010. He produced them in collaboration with the potters of Dieulefit, the Provencal center for ceramic production.
By Caroline Taret

It’s the story of a determined designer living in Dieulefit who united with the local craftsmen to materialize his project: an adventure at once social, personal and collective, accomplished by 365 objects; the outcome of astonishing know-how. Guillaume Bardet and the 12 potters from the Dieulefit region pooled their resources to create a monumental work that will remain unprecedented even in the world of design. Winners of the Bettencourt Prize for the Intelligence of the Hand 2011, the work “L’Usage des Jours” constitutes a genuine laboratory of forms, function and purpose, techniques and finishing, a reflection around the object and the creative act. An eclectic, moving, psychoanalytical, funny and sublime ensemble, unique in the world, via which Guillaume Bardet explores containers, seating, vases, nests, plates, lighting, pocket-sized sculptures, and spotlights the techniques and finishes of ceramic and pottery. The complete set is exhibited at the Sevres Ceramics Museum until April 2, 2012. Encounter Guillaume Bardet in his Dieulefit studio or take a tour of the studios of the potters Dominique Pouchain and Raelyn Larson.

In the area

Le Poët-Laval

A village and a center for Protestantism in France, it is home to the oldest temple in France dating from the 17th century, as well as a 12th century castle.

The Dieulefit potters and ceramicists tour

Discover the craftsmanship of artisans by visiting their studios, with a stop by the House of Ceramics.


A typical village of the Drôme region, Manas is known for its botanical tours. For nature lovers.


Half an hour from Dieulefit, the Nyons press cloth factory will reveal the secrets of a unique Provencal savoir-faire, the “scourtin”.

L’Usage des Jours 

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