La Baroquante A Workshop & Store in Haute-Provence

Founded by Marie-Hélène and Xavier Giusti, La Baroquante is a paradise for vintage lovers and bargain-hunters. Let’s visit!
By Caroline Taret

La Baroquante is nestled a few kilometers from the village of Forcalquier, in Sainte-Maime to be precise. The place is at once a workshop, a showroom and a loft entirely built of wood by its founder Xavier Giusti. Xavier has training as a carpenter and cabinetmaker plus a passion for the world of bric-a-brac and flea markets, a passion that he shares with his wife Marie-Hélène. The couple proposes a selection of furniture, objects and lighting of great charm: their philosophy is based around the recycling of elements, of whatever nature. The Giustis are seduced and inspired by these finds, unearthed in flea markets as much as on industrial sites. Once the raw materials have been found, the construction phase of the object or piece of furniture is put in place.

Beyond giving a new life to an object, Marie-Hélène and Xavier create a genuine style which could be belong to what in English is known as “shabby chic”: the idea is to recuperate elements, to reuse them but to retain some of their original state. The result? Authentic pieces and objects that tell stories made of many chapters. The couple comes from the bric-a-brac world. Marie-Hélène explains that they used to “varnish furniture or give it a makeover,” an activity that naturally led to opening their own workshop based on the original “assembly” of furniture: at the Guistis, each piece emerges as a unique piece, which contributes greatly to the charm of their creations in perpetual motion. “We adapt to all styles, from an 18th century façade to the base of the scaffolding” continues Marie-Hélène who has no fear of the eclectic in decoration. She shows us her latest find, a rusty grille picked up at a factory that once served as a sieve for gravel. These elements become the point of departure for a series of low and high outdoor tables. The couple’s strength is their eye, “We like flitting from one thing to the next.” We start to want to follow them on one of their trips to dig up some little treasures! La Baroquante is a place for inspiration that delights its clients, who don’t hesitate to tell their friends, word of mouth being one of the most efficient ways of finding a local and regional clientele.

Marie-Hélène confirms “We work for a lot of people wishing to decorate their vacation home in Haute-Provence, but also with guesthouses and foreign clients who move here and want to find authentic pieces.” Make sure to visit La Baroquante, you’ll immediately fall in love with this unique furniture.

La Baroquante Le Fosson
04300 Saint-Maime
T 04 92 79 59 25

La Baroquante
La Baroquante
Photography La Baroquante

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