The Atelier Soleil Pottery in Moustiers

Considered to be one of the most beautiful villages of France, Moustiers Sainte-Marie is famous for its artisanal earthenware and ceramic makers. It’s an exceptional place, as much for the charm of its alleyways as its inhabitants, of which Franck Scherer is a fine example.
By Caroline Taret

A few kilometers from the Gorges du Verdon is the breathtaking village of Moustiers. Nestled at the foot of impressive cliffs from which paragliders take off, Moustiers delivers a very particular atmosphere between its waterfall, ancient chapel and panoramic view. It’s impossible to miss out on the craft that made this village so famous and which today enables it to be an influence throughout the world, ceramics. This commitment to white enamel associated with Moustiers blue has contributed to the town’s reputation since the 17th century. Today Franck Scherer, potter in Moustiers and founder of the Atelier Soleil studio, invites us to share his craft. You will find his earthenware on the tables of chef Alain Ducasse at his restaurant La Bastide de Moustiers located a hundred or so meters from Franck Scherer’s studio.

To visit in the region

La Bastide de Moustiers

The right place for a romantic weekend in Moustiers Sainte-Marie; you’ll feel right at home here and will enjoy exceptional cuisine.

The Verdon Gorge

A unique experience, canoeing in the Verdon Gorge is an activity to enjoy with the whole family. You won’t be disappointed.

The Notre-Dame de Beauvoir chapel

Something to explore at the top of the village of Moustiers that will provide you with a magnificent view of the Valensole Plateau and the famous star of Moustiers.

Ceramics Museum

Located in the heart of Moustiers, this museum presents an itinerary through the ceramics production process as well as 400 exceptional pieces.

Atelier Soleil
Chemin de Quinson

04360 Moustiers Sainte-Marie


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