The Fountains of Provence

The true heart of Provence villages, fountains are everywhere in the south of France. Landmarks, sources of water and coolness, but also meeting places, today they are preserved and restored like monuments.
By Caroline Taret

It’s impossible to wander around Provence without being lulled by the sound of water: it emanates from the fountains, which are an integral part of village life. Each unique, they have real functions – some are the only source of water for a neighborhood or small village, others an important stop for animals. Today they remain a source of joy, often installed at the center of town squares, offering genuine traces of history. Their pagan decorations are odes to fertility, to important local figures, or simply to nature. Symbols of life, they remain a mascot to neighborhoods, like in Aix-en-Provence which it’s said possesses over one hundred fountains, in reality around forty. No matter, the city that takes its name from water will take you by surprise with the eclectic nature of its fountains, from Roman thermal baths to the immense Rotonde Fountain dating back to 1860. Other more modest cities and villages are also notable for their fountains, in particular Barjols, known as the Tivoli of Provence, Pernes-les-Fontaines, or the impressive phenomenon of Fontaine de Vaucluse. Explore Provence through its fountains and understand its very essence.

Discover around

Fountain of the Four Dolphins

Perhaps Aix-en-Provence ’s best known fountain, it is located in the very elegant Mazarin quarter, and seduces visitors with its formal perfection…

The Cormoran Fountain

One of the prettiest in Pernes-les-Fontaines, located at a strategic spot in town, between the medieval gates and the sumptuous covered market.


This town boasts natural fountains that overlay each other, or just let weeds invade. Our favorite.

Fountain of Vaucluse

Crowds come from miles around to discover this enormous hole in the side of a mountain from which spurts pure spring water.

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