The Korean Artist Mr. Oh Celebrates the Immortelle Flower for L’Occitance

Following their collaboration on lavender, L'OCCITANE and the Korean artist Mr. Oh have joined forces to celebrate another emblematic flower of the Mediterranean, the Immortelle. A combination of video and photo, from past and present; the result is just as surprising…
By Angélique Jurquet

It’s this brilliant artist’s specialty: artworks that combine fragments of still images (photographs) and moving images (film). Yong-Seok Oh, whose video projections are exhibited in museums around the world, is particularly fond of nature as a theme. It’s for this reason that L'OCCITANE, the pioneering Provençale company regarding plant-based cosmetics, invited him to immortalize lavender through his art.

The result was so surprising that a second collaboration between Mr. Oh and L'OCCITANE was not long in coming. This time, these creations celebrate another wonder of the Mediterranean, the Immortelle, this golden flower with the particularity of never fading, even once picked. Thus two videos were created by the Asian artist, who took an interest in the harvesting of this plant in Corsica.

In one of them, we discover in the foreground a vast field of Immortelle in full sunlight, while in the background a man toils at the harvest. Then, over the course of the film, the sound of the wind, of the crickets and the birds is disturbed by the arrival of a tractor in the upper left frame. A vision as poetic as the passing of time.

The Korean Artist Mr. Oh Celebrates the Immortelle Flower for L’Occitance
Yongseok OH
The Korean artist in Provence
Photographie José Nicolas

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