The Nyons Scourtinerie

The Fert family has been making “scourtins,” filters used in the traditional production of olive oil, for over three generations. A Provençal adventure made up of innovation and expertise that continues thanks to Arnaud and Frédérique Fert’s passion. But what is a “scourtin”? Watch this video and find out.
By Caroline Taret

A “scourtin” is an essential element in the traditional production process of olive oil. It’s a pocket made of coconut fibers in which the olive paste is placed. The “scourtin” operates like a filter when the paste is pressed. Today this accessory is only used in a few Provencal and Corsican presses, but the Fert family continues making them, and this thanks to the vision of the grandfather of the owners of this artisanal business Arnaud and Frédérique Fert. Indeed Provence locals recycle the used “scourtins” to make doormats.

A natural response, which gave the grandfather the idea to make mats and other elements for the table and the home. Today, a visit to the Scourtinerie constitutes a plunge into this authentic and preserved Provencal craft, since the family has maintained the original workshop and machines. You can visit the factory and discover the evolution of the “scourtin,” and the presses used in Provencal homes. A moving family and human adventure, and not to be missed if you’re passing through Nyons.



This town in the Drôme Provençale region is an ode to Provençal crafts: olive oil, distillation and of course the Scourtinerie.

The Bleu Provence Distillery

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An exceptional site between Montélimar and Nyons, Grignan is an immersion in medieval architecture with its fortress dating back to the 12th century.


A few kilometers from Nyons, Valréas is a typically Provençal city known for its cardboard museum, a voyage in the packaging and illustration of days gone by.

The Nyons Scourtinerie
La Scourtinerie Sarl
36, La Maladrerie
26110 Nyons, France
T 04 75 26 33 52