The Verdon Triathlon, an eco-friendly event

This association created by enthusiasts in 2000 participates closely in the organization of the Verdon Triathlon that takes place next October 6 and 7. Grégory Catus, President and Founder of the Association Athl'éthique, explains how this event is eco-friendly.
Caroline Taret

Founded in 2000 by Grégory Catus and Nicolas Lebrun, Athl'éthique is a sporting association with the goal of increasing awareness about ecology in the organization of their events amongst athletes and other sporting professionals. Their initiative is also directed toward industrialists, notably companies that make sporting equipment. Athl’éthique’s intervention is based on education, support and homologation: if you ask yourself how to integrate sustainable development into your event, Grégory and his team will give you all the answers. As for the Verdon Triathlon, the association supported Eric Amattéis, the organizer of this highly anticipated first edition, in his desire to create an eco-friendly event, and responded to the conditions imposed by the Verdon Regional Park. It’s a truly united collaboration established amongst these enthusiasts who share the same philosophy toward sport and respect for the environment, as attest the different areas of engagement Natureman: increasing awareness and education, social action, diet and health, pollution and waste, communication, environment and infrastructure, transport. During the Triathlon for example, everything will be in place to reduce waste linked to the event.

A mission that has increasing importance to Regional Councils and which demands commitment, “I think that the Verdon Triathlon could become a reference for the region in terms of sustainable action.” The Regional and General Councils of the Var and Alps of Haute-Provence regions support the Verdon Triathlon, just like L’OCCITANE en Provence, which gets involved in the race via EKIDEN, a shorter version of the triathlon that many employees participate in.

And the Verdon Triathlon’s extra bonus? To start with, a sublime setting that we want to respect. For Grégory Catus, the event is a vector to increase public awareness and respect of the natural areas they pass through. The eco-friendly aspect promotes a positive image to event partners and enables a special relationship with the landowners who appreciate this conscientiousness. And this eco-friendly event encourages extending the experience to your day-to-day life.

Le Triathlon du Verdon


Verdon Triathlon
Verdon Triathlon
Lac de Sainte-Croix
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