Water is back in the fountain of Revest-des-Brousses

A few weeks ago, a genuine event took place in the village Revest-des-Brousses, a little community of 250 habitants…
By Caroline Taret

The village of Revest-des-Brousses is nestled in the Luberon Regional Natural Park, 18 kilometers from Manosque and 9 kilometers from Banon. This charming little Provençal village, dressed in heather, white oak and black pine, is the place Jean Giono writes about at the beginning of his novel “Regain”. And just a few weeks ago, Revest rediscovered a long-forgotten sound. Indeed, due to support from L'Occitane en Provence, the fountain located (as it should be) at the center of the village has been flowing again. An event that may seem insignificant but which in fact is crucial for the little village’s heritage.

Olivier Baussan, founder of L'Occitane en Provence, draws inspiration for his new range from this Provençal heritage, so dear to him: the fountains of Provence are an important source for the new eau de cologne range Eaux de Provence, developed by the company in Manosque. So it’s vital for Olivier Baussan to contribute to the preservation of this heritage. The fountain in Revest-des-Brousses was chosen for its charm and authenticity: a trough style fountain, it is made of a long, narrow basin and a small structure topped with a simple capital.

Its originality comes perhaps from the spigot from which the water flows: discreet and elegant in wrought iron, it ends with the head of a benevolent animal that evokes the imaginary sea monsters of the Baroque period. This renewal returns to the fountain all its significance, and breathes new energy back into the village. It’s your opportunity/ pretext to pass through Revest-des-Brousses and plunge your hands into the cool water of this pretty fountain, and why not try the village bistro located on the town square, for an afternoon with a distant view over the Lure Mountains.

Le Lupin Blanc
Place du Village 04150 Revest-des-Brousses
T 04 92 73 25 41

Photography FX Emery

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