The genius of flowers

perfection, naturally

“At L’OCCITANE, observing nature is the first step to creating a new range of beauty care.
The patents of our Laboratory are the permanent proof of the exceptional powers of a plant, a fruit or a flower.”
Jean-Louis Pierrisnard, Director of Research and Development


In 2010, L’OCCITANE discovered and patented* the combination of two extracts taken from the roots of organic angelica from the Drôme region.
Organic angelica water helps boosts skin hydration, while organic angelica essential oil helps protect skin against impurities and improves the tone.


In 2013, L'OCCITANE patented* the combination of two slender flowers with exceptional properties: angelica, the expert in hydration, and iris florentina, a precious ingredient known in pharmacology for its radiance-enhancing action.
Organic extracts of the rhizomes of both white iris (iris florentina from the Hérault region) and blue iris (iris pallida from Italy) promote skin desquamation and epidermal cell renewal, visibly reduce redness and help prevent the appearance of blemishes.