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Vicky H,
I have been using this for only a few days
and i already notice improved texture on my skin, less redness. My skin tone has become more even -I can happily go out without wearing make-up. I would definitely recommend this as an essential to every woman’s facial regime!
Jane M,
I would certainly recommend Sublime Essence to others. Having used this serum for a week now, my skin feels smoother and firmer, and my complexion looks much healthier.
Maragaret B,
From day one of sampling this product my skin felt velvety and smooth to the touch.
The serum has a translucent liquid gel-like texture which is easily absorbed by the skin and my usual moisturiser glides on over it. This is yet another wonderful L'Occitane product I would recommend.
Jackie H,
The product leaves my extremely dry skin very soft and makes moistures more effective and last
longer. My skin has less red blotches and bumps. It is very economical to use, I would
recommend it!
Bethann W,
Lizza M,
Pauline W,
The serum is very pleasant to use. It has a lovely texture and smelt fresh and light. The skin felt softer and smoother. I will be carrying on using the serum and will recommend it to all my friends.
Jacqueline L,
I have been using it for 10 days and the effects just keep getting better. It is light and absorbs in to the skin very easily, no greasiness. My skin feels velvety soft.
Tasha B,
Polished Practical
Caroline B,
Makes my skin feel fantastic and that’s after the first use. Have only used it for a few days but already I am noticing the difference, my skin feels softer, looks brighter and I have a more even skin tone.
Tomoko I,
I have been using this serum twice a day for two weeks.
I feel it helps the moisturiser to get absorbed much deeper.
Now I noticed my skin actually looks brighter and radiant.
Donna H,
So You Agree
Delaney K,
Lover of Clothes
Lynda P,
I have used this since it arrived and have noticed an improvement in the depth of the lines on my top lip and forehead. I will buy again and combine it with the Angelica Hydration Cream which I have used before. Thank you for letting me try this new product.
Samantha T,
A very nice product that showed results after the first application. My skin looks smoother and younger. Very nice fragrance. I occasionally have sensitive skin and the product did sting on those days. All in all, I would recommend this product as it really does work!
Lynsey E,
Jane B,
I love this serum. Smells lovely and is very soft and light on my skin. I have dry skin and I found it hydrated my skin well. Would definitely use this again and recommend to others. Well done L’Occitane :) just love your product.
Rachael F,
This serum is lovely to use - really smooth on the skin and very soothing. The fragrance is subtle but refreshing and I felt more benefit from my moisturiser after using this serum. My skin looks fresher and brighter since using this. I have sensitive skin and there was no irritation at all.
Stephanie L,
Fashion Blogger from HoneyNSilk