La Flamme Candle

La Flamme is a $10 verbena-scented candle which L’OCCITANE has created in partnership with Marie Claire to raise funds to transform the lives of women and children worldwide.

100% of profits from the sale of each candle will be donated to three chosen charities, She's the First (United States), Toutes À L’Ecole (Cambodia) and Entrepreneurs du Monde (Africa) in order to help transform the lives of thousands of young girls and women.

* Sales price in store minus taxes, transport and product costs.



Less than a third of school children worldwide are girls. Given this knowledge, ex Managing Director of French Marie Claire, Tina Kieffer founded a charity called Toutes À L’Ecole.

After adopting a little girl in Cambodia, she was struck by how the lack of available education affected women in the country, making them dependent, powerless and vulnerable. She decided to open a pilot school called Happy Chandara, located in Phnom Penh - her mission was to offer high-level education to girls from the poorest backgrounds in order to bring them freedom and dignity.

Opened in 2006 with 92 young students, the school now provides education to over 1,000 girls. Happy Chandara accompanies students until they can begin university or when they obtain their first job. The school has a Library, Medical Centre and a Family Planning Centre. Most recently, a new boarding school has opened, which welcomed 140 young girls.

The La Flamme Marie Claire operation will finance the education of 1,200 students.


Across the globe, She's the First mobilizes students and young professionals to join the movement for quality, equal education by providing scholarships to girls in low-income countries, fostering first-generation graduates and cultivating the next generation of global leaders.

Members of STF campus chapters work together with STF Scholars around the world to learn about issues affecting women and girls globally and put plans into action. They work with local partner organizations like L'OCCITANE to help create a powerful knowledge-sharing network.

Money raised through sales of La Flamme Marie Claire will benefit 4,500 STF students in the campus chapter program, whose efforts help to support 805 STF Scholars who will be the first in their families to graduate high school.


A French association founded in 1998, Entrepreneurs du Monde acts within developing countries. The association allows thousands of men and women from precarious situations to improve their lives by providing the needed resource and support to establish their own economic initiatives.

Today the association acts in 11 countries, through special programs and local partnerships focusing on 3 key areas; social micro finance, access to resource and the creation of small businesses (SME’s). In 2015, Entrepreneurs du Monde supported over 132,000 beneficiaries of which 85% were women.

La Flamme Marie Claire in France has helped 13,000 women build a profession and start their own company.