Myrtle from Corsica

Myrtle is linked to many legends from Greek and Latin mythology. In Ancient Greece, Myrtle was a symbol of happiness in love, youth, beauty and immortality.

In Corsica, the Island of Beauty, "angel water" is distilled from wild Myrtle (flowers and fruits).

Prized by the women of Corsica, who use it to enhance their beauty, this aromatic water reveals an incredible softness on the skin and leaves it delicately perfumed – as if caressed by the breath of an angel.


We source our myrtle from Corsican distillers. To this day, myrtle has never been domesticated, and it grows wild in Corsica – just like verbena. The myrtle harvest begins in August and ends in October. The leaves and stems of the myrtle bush are distilled to produce both the essential oil and a floral water called Angel Water. Myrtle berries, meanwhile, are used to make the famous myrtle liqueur.