Organic Almond and Apple

The almonds and apples that we use in our formulas are harvested in the south of France by our suppliers, who we know well and with whom we maintain long-term relationships. This guarantees the complete traceability of our ingredients by controlling their geographical origin, and ensures that Provençal expertise continues to be handed down.

The almond tree is a strong symbol of the Provençal landscape, yet has been threatened by more profitable crops. L’OCCITANE wants to put this emblematic tree back where it deserves to be on the Provençal landscape, and thus purchases its almonds from producers in Provence.

The apple tree: Provence offers an ideal climate and altitude for growing apple trees. To protect the environmental balance of the region (soil, groundwater, etc.), L’OCCITANE has chosen to use organically grown apples, i.e. without pesticides, insecticides, chemical fertilizers or GMO, and picked when mature.


The almonds that we use come from orchards in the south of France, such as the one owned by Monsieur Jaubert on the Valensole plateau. The apples, meanwhile, are cultivated in the region around Gap, where Monsieur and Madame Mégy are among our main suppliers.

Did you know ?

The almond is a health food that is excellent for helping you to stay young-looking, beautiful and healthy! And apples have always had therapeutic benefits for women. The word pomade, after all, comes from the word "pomo" – meaning apple!

Patented effectiveness

To meet the needs of women aged 25 to 35, our laboratory developed a patented complex that uses almonds and apples from Provence to smooth and protect the skin. This unique combination provides a comprehensive solution to help the skin protect itself against the effects of aging.