Shea Butter and Organic Cotton extract

L’OCCITANE has combined the protective properties of shea butter with the softening properties of organic cotton in its Shea & Organic Cotton range.

Cotton, the plant fiber that surrounds the cotton seeds, is the most-produced natural fiber in the world. The majority of cotton is produced for the textile industry and is spun into thread to make fabrics.


L’OCCITANE wanted the guarantees that come with an organic cotton, as conventional cotton cultivation uses intensive methods that are highly polluting and can have serious ecological impacts.

L’OCCITANE purchases cotton from Turkey that has been certified organic by Ecocert, i.e. it is free of synthetic pesticides, chemical fertilizers and preservatives.

This organic (Ecocert-certified) cotton from Turkey is soaked in a sunflower oil (rich in omega-6) to produce an oily cotton extract, which is also Ecocert-certified.


The cotton fiber contains plant waxes with emollient properties. As a result, the cotton extract is very gentle, making it ideal for sensitive skin.

The combination of shea butter and organic cotton extract brings immediate comfort and lasting protection to sensitive and fragile skin.