Addictive Terre de Lumière Collection

ReviewNote 4.8 /5 (25 reviews)
Capture this holiday and make it last forever with the gift of the golden hour. Terre de Lumière exudes the Provençal sun in the peak of winter.

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Addictive Terre de Lumière Collection


This set includes:
- Terre de Lumière Eau de Parfum 1.6 fl.oz.
- Terre de Lumière Gentle Shower Gel 1.6 fl.oz.
- Terre de Lumière Beautifying Body Milk 1.6 fl.oz.
- Terre de Lumière Perfumed Soap Net Wt. 2.6 oz.

Customer Reviews

Average Rating 4.8out of5 Write a review
25 Customer Reviews

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  • Showstopping Gift for the Gourmand Perfume Lover

    I was sent this gorgeous set and asked to give my honest opinion. I have quite a collection of L'Occitane scents, but I hadn't yet tried Terre de Lumiere. I am a huge fan of gourmand perfumes -- nearly everything in my 50+ fragrance collection is a gourmand besides my L'Occitane fresh florals. You can be sure, even without sampling, that if you enjoy almond, honey, musk, or patchouli type fragrances that this will impress you. With my body chemistry it dried down to mostly a lovely almond/vanilla musk--I didn't get much of the lavender, but that is my personal experience. On my skin it has a moderate longevity which can be strengthened by layering with the shower gel and body milk. But it's such a lovely scent that I don't mind the ritual of reapplying halfway through the day. It was a light to moderate sillage; definitely noticeable to others, but not distracting or overwhelming. While it would be a lovely spring/summer scent, I'm especially looking forward to including this in my fall/winter rotation,

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      5 out of 5
    • Your Location Mesa, AZ
    • Age 25 - 34
    • Skin type Normal
    • Hair type Dry and damaged
  • The warm glow of Mediterranean sunshine

    Receiving Terre de Lumiere gift set for review was a delight! The set features the newest L’Occitane fragrance, created by master perfumer Calice Becker in collaboration with other artists. The fragrance is a sophisticated, sensual take on the gourmand trend. Top notes of citrus and pepper quickly fade to reveal a heart of honeyed almond, which rests on ambrette, tonka bean and clean musk in the drydown. Very feminine. Stays true on the skin for hours. The set includes a holiday edition bottle of TdL, enhanced with a clear, gold-flecked stopper, in place of the original garnet. Also included is a luxurious perfumed soap, moisturizing body milk and a gentle shower gel, which, used together, intensify the experience of the fragrance, wrapping the wearer in a comforting veil. Everything about the gift set is gorgeous! The metallic gold cover on the yellow gift box is stunning. Sunshine and warmth – a sweet gift to give or to receive.

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      5 out of 5
    • Your Location Wisconsin
    • Age 45 - 54
    • Skin type Normal
    • Hair type Fine
  • Great Holiday Gift

    I was one of the lucky few to have the privilege of being selected to receive the new 3 holiday gift sets for free. This was the largest gift set of the three being reviewed and I absolutely love it. It comes in a beautiful box with the full sized perfume, lotion, body gel, and the matching scented soap. It is great for the price if you are looking for a few extra things to give to someone this Holiday season along with the perfume.

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      5 out of 5
    • Your Location GA, SENOIA
    • Age 18 - 24
    • Skin type Combination
    • Hair type Colored
  • My favorite gift set!

    I was also one of the lucky few to receive this gift set and two others for free! I'm less familiar with this product line but wow, I'm definitely hooked. The beautiful scent greets you before you even open the box. The sizes are generous, products luxurious; it's the perfect gift!

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    • ReviewNote
      5 out of 5
    • Your Location Colorado
    • Age 35 - 44
    • Skin type Dry
    • Hair type Normal
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