L'OCCITANE en Provence Celebrating Women

At L'OCCITANE, we value every woman's true authenticity - the confident, diverse women who are authentic and their truest selves. We especially respect the many talented women we work with every day: they are true to themselves, no filter needed.
To celebrate their beauty in all its forms, we're featuring ten L'OCCITANE women who share some of their favorite skincare heroes and true stories directly with you.


L'OCCITANE also introduces the first line of luxurious creams with SPF, the only filter women actually need each day. Every day, skin is exposed to hamful UV rays, which may cause sunburn and accelerate skin aging. The NEW Immortelle Divine Light Cream SPF 20 and Immortelle Precious Light Cream SPF 20 are supercharged with UV protection, for younger-looking skin over time.


"I shower my friends and family with love, no filter needed."

Dooman, Boutique Manager

The NEW Immortelle Divine Light Cream SPF 20 helps fight visible signs of aging and contains SPF to protect skin from UV rays.

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9 /10 (20 reviews)
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"I love to learn something new every day,
no filter needed."

Lobar, Beauty Advisor

"I am my
authentic self,
no filter needed."

Kristina, Learning & Development

"I embrace my
religious beliefs,
no filter needed."

Dongfang, Beauty Advisor

"Women often feel pressured to filter themselves. Whether they're in a meeting, speaking with friends, parenting children, browsing the internet or simply getting ready for the day – they both knowingly and unknowingly filter themselves to be the people they think society expects them to be. At L'Occitane, we celebrate women who live life unfiltered each and every day, unapologetically.”

- Christina Polychroni, Chief Marketing and E-Commerce Officer for North America

"I motivate my teams to be their best selves, no filter needed."

Valerie, Boutique Manager

The Shea Light Comforting Cream is formulated with 5% shea butter to provide moisturization and softness to normal to combination skin.


"I laugh without fear of the future, no filter needed."

Jelissa, Boutique Manager

The Immortelle Overnight Reset Oil-in-Serum helps skin recover overnight from intense everyday life. Over time, skin appears more youthful.


"I show my true emotions,
no filter needed."

Marisa, Marketing

The NEW Immortelle Precious Light Cream SPF 20 is ideal for the first signs of aging and features SPF to protect skin from UV rays.

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I hold my new born
baby with love,
no filter needed."

Masiel, Boutique Manager

I embrace being
no filter needed."

Joanna, Graphic Designer

I feel beautiful
in my own skin,
no filter needed."

Hana, Supply Chain

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