Making Women Shine

L’Occitane celebrates International Women’s Day by commemorating years of ambition and tradition emanating from the empowered women of Burkina Faso, West Africa.  L’OCCITANE and its foundation introduce the new 2019 Shea Orange Blossom Fragrance Solidarity Balm, launched to honor the diligence and glory of women around the world.

L'Occitane continues to promote women's leadership worldwide with the Shea Butter Solidarity Balm as profits support literacy programs, microcredit programs, trainings, and women's entrepreneurial development. Shea butter has become a cult ingredient for L'Occitane and has helped pave the way to the economic emancipation of the women in Burkina Faso, West Africa.

Empowering Women

The 2019 Shea Orange Blossom Fragrance Solidarity Balm combines shea butter and the delightful scent of orange blossom to create a balm that moisturizes and helps nourish everything it touches. Use it on your lips, hair and skin.

100% of profits will benefit thousands of women in Burkina Faso, West Africa to support their talents and entrepreneurial aspirations.
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How To Use Shea Butter

A joyful application for healthier looking skin, hair, and lips:
  1. A dab on the lips  to help nourish and soften.
  2. touch on the hair to help protect.
  3. A hint on the skin reveals a soft and supple texture.
  4. A rub on the heels to help soften feet. 
  5. A dallop through your locks to help tame fly-aways.
  6. A dab onto delicate cuticles to help nourish hands.
  7. A touch of shea butter to groom brows

Iconic Shea Butter

The L’OCCITANE Foundation

The L’OCCITANE Foundation wishes to give Burkinabe women an extra boost so they can let their talent shine through. The program for Women’s Leadership in Burkina Faso is here for them to make their professional dreams come true. All funds gathered by the sales of the Solidarity Balm will be devoted to their ambitions by focusing on three key goals:

1. Writing a Better Future
 L’OCCITANE has helped more than 10.000 women to learn how to read and write since 2008. It also supports the education of 450 girls for four years at secondary school.

2. Boosting Ambitions
L'Occitane has allowed 8,000 women to benefit from micro-credit since 2009.

3. Revealing Leadership
L’OCCITANE launched the “L’OCCITANE pour Elles” program, in 2016, to boost entrepreneur women’s actions and scale up their business.
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