Learning and Development

L'OCCITANE Learning and Development Department

L'OCCITANE recognizes that organizational and individual excellence is best attained through learning, development, and educational activities which build upon individual strengths. L'OCCITANE provides a very comprehensive training program for Associates at the Corporate and Boutique level.

On Boarding

Once on board with L'OCCITANE we are able to accelerate the performance of new Associates with our comprehensive 90 day start up program and on-boarding manual. We also conduct regular Performance Reviews where an Associate will receive feedback on past performance, as well as direction for future career development. These programs aim to integrate new Associates in the company and make them feel part of the team with a comprehensive step by step path to success.

Ongoing Training

Learning and Development is an on-going process for all Associates. Therefore, L'OCCITANE is committed to the development of a skilled and motivated workforce. Associates’ development is seen as a vital aspect of the growth and effectiveness of both, the individual Associate and to L'OCCITANE as a whole. L'OCCITANE’s on-going organized training consists of, but is not limited to, Sales, Selling, Skincare Management and Merchandising training. This can be done either through instructional lead training or on-line training.

Local Training Sites

In order to accommodate our local market’s training needs, L'OCCITANE has built four training sites which are situated in New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Chicago.

Our Regional Trainers

All four trainers (Eastern, Southeast, Central, Western) currently working with L'OCCITANE have successfully followed a career path from managing our boutiques to running one on one and classroom store training.