Our Formulation Principles

“One of L’OCCITANE’s vocations is to protect the lands of the South. With this in mind, whenever possible, we source our ingredients from organic farmers. In our products, it is often the active ingredient that is organic.

Since 2005 we have created 100% certified-organic products on a regular basis. These products are easy to identify as they carry the Cosmebio label. We choose the organic solution whenever ECOCERT standards are compatible with our own requirements: combining naturalness with effectiveness, respect for the environment with respect for consumers, and authenticity with skincare pleasure.

The world of organic products holds great potential and there are many possibilities that remain to be explored. Thanks to research, much progress has been made in the field of eco-friendly and organic beauty products. We follow developments closely, just as we have always done with organic farming. This year, I am particularly proud of what we have accomplished. The formulas in the new skincare range with olive tree extracts are not only certified 100% organic, but also wonderfully effective, with unique sensorial properties.”

Jean-Louis Pierrisnard R&D Director