Philippe de Brugiere,
Director of L’OCCITANE product packaging

Our Packaging Guidelines

The essential functions of packaging (protection, information, distribution and gift-wrapping) are not necessarily compatible with environmental concerns. L’OCCITANE has decided to follow precise guidelines, with the aim of constantly and gradually reducing the environmental impact of its packaging. We have therefore chosen an eco-design approach, using all the tools available to us. This means choosing materials that are the least polluting or already recycled, using resources that are renewable or that come from sustainably managed forests, and designing easily recyclable packaging while optimizing waste sorting practices and the use of recycling networks that already exist in the countries where the brand has a presence. All of this is detailed in a Company Eco-Design Charter.

We now stop using outer packaging whenever possible, reduce the weight of primary packaging, and evaluate the environmental impact of each new product from its initial conception through to its development: this is a determining factor for a product's launch.

At the same time, our packaging delights all our senses and stimulates our desire to give gifts, to have something beautiful, and to discover the products. With their pure, simple and traditional design, L'OCCITANE products remain etched in our memory. They can be read by using the sense of touch (Braille), their modernity comes from the creative graphics inspired by Olivier Baussan, and they are always used with pleasure. »