The Best of L'Occitane

Gift the ultimate body pampering experience with some of the most cherished scents and textures made famous by L’OCCITANE.
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The Best of L'Occitane


This set includes:

- Shea Butter Hand Cream Net Wt. 2.5 oz.

- Shea Butter Extra-Gentle Soap - Lavender 3.5 oz.

- Almond Shower Oil 8.4 fl.oz.

- Shea Butter Foot Cream Net Wt. 2.5 oz.

- Lavender Foaming Bath 3.4 fl.oz.

- Immortelle Oil Make-Up Remover 6.7 fl.oz.

- Almond Milk Concentrate Net Wt. 3.5 fl.oz.

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