The Deluxe Almond Body Set

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Make a grand gesture and delight your loved ones with our exquisite Almond Deluxe Collection, the ultimate indulgence for the festive season.

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The Deluxe Almond Body Set


This set includes:
- Almond Shower Oil 16.9 fl.oz
- Almond Milk Concentrate 3.4 oz.
- Almond Delicious Soap 1.8 oz. (x3)
- Almond Supple Skin Oil 0.5 fl.oz (x2)
- Almond Delicious Hands 0.3 oz. (x2)
- Almond Milk Concentrate 0.7 oz.
- Almond Shower Oil 2.5 fl.oz
- L'Occitane Pouch


Almond is well-known for its ability to nourish the skin. L'OCCITANE has harnessed the exceptional beautifying power of almond from the south of France and integrated it in body care and toiletries that are both deliciously tempting and wonderfully effective. Almond

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2 Customer Reviews

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  • Excellent Assortment of All Things Almond!

    This set is the perfect way to build your inventory of the amazing almond collection. It features the core products: the shower oil, the milk concentrate, the skin oil, the delicious hands, and the delicious (bar) soap. Not only will you receive the large bottle of the shower oil, you will receive three standard sized bars of soap and the middle sized jar of the milk concentrate. Additionally, there are the multiple travel sized products which spares you the aggravation of having to buy those separately. If you're new to the almond collection or if you're simply looking to stock up, you cannot go wrong with this set.

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      5 out of 5
    • Your Location Raleigh, NC
    • Age 45 - 54
    • Skin type Combination
    • Hair type Dry and damaged
  • Love the Almond Collection

    I was introduced to L’Occitane last year when my friend invited me to a mini facial and make up in store event customized for me and my group of friends. I bought a few items and fell in love with the almond products instantly. I remember buying this set online on Black Friday when it was on sale. My order came in with a box of an assortment of hand creams. So it was all worth the money and worth the wait. Because until now, I am still using the almond milk concentrate, the almond soap and almond shower oil. I also bring the mini handcreams with me when I travel. I love that my skin feels luxurious at home, during and after my shower routine, and on the go. I would recommend this box set for anyone who loves the Almond line. The products will last you for a long time. And you get what you pay for. It’s worth it.

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      5 out of 5
    • Your Location Honolulu, Hawaii
    • Age 25 - 34
    • Skin type Normal
    • Hair type Normal
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